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March 02, 2016

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Rocio Handbags Are Not for Every Day

What Hamish Menzies most likes to hear about one of his wood handbags is, “What is it?” Mr. Menzies, who founded his company 10 years ago in Scotland, constructs his smart little Rocio bags by hand, using sustainable woods. “Rocio was always to create clean, minimalistic designs that were enjoyed purely for their visual beauty and creativity,” Mr. Menzies said. So these are not handbags for every day. Think of them as conversation starters.

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January 23, 2016

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Coco Handbag by Rocio

Taking “statement bag” to a new level (the statement being “Is that even a bag?”), the Coco handbag by Rocio has an odd shape, finish, and material, but we couldn’t be more smitten. All of the British brand’s designs are crafted using sustainable wood– the Coco is hand-carved from a single piece of Acacia, which is then covered in rich, shiny lacquer. Beyond its eco-friendliness, we’re also big fans of the space-age shape, and happy, bright colors. This is a bag that would look just as nice on your nightstand as it would on your arm.


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December 01, 2015

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 素材を木とする、魅力的なレディースバッグを取り扱う英国ブランド“ROCIO(ロシオ)”の日本本格上陸にあたり、本国法人と独占契約を結び、輸入及び卸・販売を担うROCIO JAPAN合同会社を設立しました。

ROCIOは2006年に誕生した、木製の、彩り豊かなバッグをコレクションとする英国ブランドです。産みの親はデザイナーHamish Menzies氏。世界60か国以上での販売実績を持っています。